A Hole through the Centre of the Earth - Part 2

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Hole through the Centre of the Earth - Part 2

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We were talking about digging a hole from one side of the earth to the other side through the centre.

Remember, we checked China. There is a story behind how I chose China. One of my friends suggested checking the time and getting the place with time difference of 12 hours. It will give the location in the same hemisphere only.

There was a program called Iridium (or some weird name like that, who cares), which shows the current time is various places on the world map. We checked Indian time and the corresponding location gave somewhere in North America. As India lies in Equator and there is no land under North America, we got ocean on the opposite side.

So I checked somewhere where there is land below equator and there was South America, just pointed and it gave Bolivia. When I checked 12 hour difference, I got China. But, as China is a large place, I thought of specific place, Shanghai.

Ok, that's with the story. Let's come back...

So, when we put a hole through the centre of the earth from Shanghai in China, we will reach Entre Rios in Argentina.

Lets ignore some facts first:
- We don't care how we dig the hole through the core of the earth. It is around 7,000 K at the centre and also lots of pressure. The density is around 12.8–13.1 gram per cm cube. We assume we can dig the hole.
- We assume, we will be putting a layer of thermal insulation in the inner surface of the hole, so that people can go through it without being affected by the heat (like people are gonna try jumping through the hole !!! )

So, we are gonna dig the hole. Length? Let's find out...

I went here... The mean radius is 6,371.0 km, ie. 3959 miles !!! Wow... that's some distance... a little less than the length of Great Wall of China (China again ???).

Ok. So, the length we got.

Lets consider the hole has a diameter of 1 metre. So, the volume of earth, or something else :) , to be digged out is [ 1/2 * 1/2 * 22/7 * 6371 * 2 * 1000 (diameter by 2 * diameter by 2 * pi * radius * 2 (double side) * 1000 (kilometre to metre)) ] which equals 10,011,571.43 metre square. That is 10 million metre square of matter :) Great...

I have to go now... C ya

To be continued...

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