A Hole through the Centre of the Earth - Part 3

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Hole through the Centre of the Earth - Part 3

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Sometime passed after the last part. Was a little busy :)

So, wassup?

Remember, we spent lot of time to find what comes at the opposite side of India (and also China). If only I had found this site earlier... :)

So, where were we? Yeah, 10 million square metre of matter. Oh no! I made a mistake. I told metre square :) It is metre cube. Sorry. OK, 10 million metre cube of matter.

Lets do some math.

I went here...

Volume of earth = 1.0832073 x 1012 km cube = 1.0832073 x 1021 m cube
Volume of the hole = 1.001157143 x 107 m cube

That is, the hole is 9.24252581 x 10-13 percent of total earth, so very small. The hole won't matter to earth much, may be a 1000 more holes may still not matter :)

OK, let there be hole.

We got the hole dug from Shanghai to Entre Rios.

So, what do we do now?

Let's jump into the hole, wait first lets try some small objects. Lets put a rock. What will happen to it?

It may,
- Go to the centre and stay there
- Come out through the hole in Entre Rios
- Explode during flight
- Will oscillate forever

I think it will oscillate through the hole, decreasing in distance each time and after a long long time, be at rest at the centre of the earth. WHY? Because, there is friction of air.

Let's analyze the process... next time. bye

To be continued...

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