A Hole through the Centre of the Earth

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Hole through the Centre of the Earth

Yes, a hole through the earth, going from one side through the centre to the other side. Funny, right?

Just imagine we take an orange or ... what (i asked someone near me for a round thing, gave ball, apple, laddu ...) apple. Yeah, apple is ok, just like earth. Imagine we put a hole through the centre of the apple, can see through. If we put something into the hole it comes out of the other side. Ok, imagination complete !

Rotating EarthWhat about the case with earth? How long will the hole be? Can we see through? What happens if we put something into the hole? Will it come out of the other side? Will it get stuck?

Can a man be dropped into the hole? Will he get from India to .... oh... what is at opposite side of India? Let me check...

I went to a forum. They tell how to find the opposite location, like this: add/subtract 180 degrees from your longitude location, and the same latitude coordinate, but in the opposite (North or South) hemisphere.

Now, I need to get the latitudes and longitudes. Let me check that...

I went here...

I need to find the latitude and longitude of India, calculate the opposite latitude and longitude and find where it is. Simple, isn't it?

1. Find the coordinates of India: I went here... Got it as Latitude:18.975, Longitude:72.8258. Nothing about N or E. So, I tried 19N and 73E here... . It showed India : Maharashtra. Happy :)
2. Calculate the opposite thru centre of earth: Longitude = 73E + 180 = 253E = 107W. Latitude = 19S.
3. Find where it is: Water: 925 km (574 mi.) from land !!! Oh my god! It is ocean.

So, what will happen if we dig hole from India, the other side will end under the ocean. Won't the water come through the hole to India and drown it??? Oh, that is bad. Or will it?

Lets take another location, ok?

1. I went here... It gave Shanghai: 31° 12' N, 121° 26' E. I checked 31N and 121E. It is Shanghai.
2. Longitude = 121E + 180 = 301E = 59W. Latitude = 31S.
3. It is Argentina : Entre Rios.

Oh, at last...

I am tired, we will continue another time.

To be continued...

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UncleVirus said...

sir ji, What an IDEA sir ji!
keep on drilling earth.. oops.. I mean keep on writing abt earth ;)

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