Reliance Power IPO Listing

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reliance Power IPO Listing

Latest News:
Expected IPO Allotment Date : Jan 31 / Feb 1
Expected IPO Listing Date : Feb 4

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Reliance Power IPO Listing Date is likely to be in the first week of February.

Before the Reliance Power IPO opened for subscription, Business Standard quoted Anil Ambani saying he was targeting a February first week listing for Reliance Power IPO.

The good news is the final Reliance Power IPO subscription figures indicate that the IPO has subscribed by over 73 times, with retail subscribing just below 15 times.
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In the current scenario, where the retail subscription is below 15.5, 99% of retail investors who applied for 225 shares at cut off will get an allotment of 15 shares.

Listing gains are likely to be atleast Rs. 400 per share. Hence the net listing gain per application will be Rs. 6,000. How often does one get an opportunity to get a risk free (almost) return of about 25% in 20 days. That is the power of IPO’s. :-)

If selected properly IPO’s can help investors make high returns with minimum risk, in a short period of time. I’ve put in 1 application for 225 shares.

Hoping for a great listing for Reliance Power IPO. :-)

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