Monday, February 25, 2008


What is HotPlug?
With HotPlug, you can move a computer without powering it down!

We created this product for our Government/Forensic customers - but it has IT uses as well. Need to move a server without powering it down? HotPlug can do it.

Bottom line: WiebeTech's HotPlug LT allows hot seizure and removal of computers from the field to anywhere else on the planet. HotPlug LT keeps power flowing to the computer while transferring the computer's power input from one A/C source (such as a wall outlet or power strip) to another (a portable UPS) and back again.

How to circumvent Whole Disk Encryption
The key: Do not allow the encryption to activate. Low level encryption such as Vista's Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) can halt an investigation. Use HotPlug and Mouse Jiggler to prevent encryption technologies from activating. If you can carry away the computer while it's still logged in, you maintain full access to the hard drive.

Training is Available

HotPlug training seminars with an instructor from WiebeTech are available. Training is recommended - while HotPlug is easy to use, there are bare terminals exposed during normal operation which are potentially dangerous with misuse, or without proper care. Get more info about becoming certified for HotPlug by WiebeTech.

Better than a hat with a rabbit in it
HotPlug seems impossible - even when seeing it done live. It's not magic, of course - the "trick" is that there are moments when the computer is actually plugged in twice. In those moments HotPlug is doing its job to make sure the target computer is getting only the correct amount of power.

Source : WiebeTech

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