How to Get a Google Adsense Account Quickly and Easily

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Get a Google Adsense Account Quickly and Easily

Are you having trouble getting your website approved? Here is a perfectly legitimate way to get your Google Adsense account quickly and easily.

If you are having trouble getting your website to comply with Google Adsense's terms of service ( ), you may face some disappointment when you receive an email from Google saying that your site has been rejected.

If you are serious about making something out of Adsense, don't give up. Here's how you can get your Google Adsense approved easily.

Sign up for a Google blog at and start submitting some quality entries. To be on the safe side, submit at least 10 entries or more. Make sure that your blog's content abide to Google's TOS. Now you can start submitting the site and apply for Google Adsense.

This way, you don't have to worry about how ads appear on your sites and whether they comply to the guidelines. The chances of getting approved are not guaranteed but I have several personal friends who have gotten their adsense account in the exact same manner.

Now, they are regular bloggers and their entries just kept growing. Promote those blogs a bit and they too can start making some adsense revenue.

But don't stop at just having a blog. You can now place your adsense code in all your websites. Here's some advice.

Please make sure your websites comply to Google's TOS, especially if they have been rejected by Google before. Also, DO NOT click on your own ads unless you are truly interested in the product. Finally, do not spend time trying to figure out how Google adsense red flag accounts.

I strongly suggest making better use of the time to come up with more content for the website.

So there you go, start a Google blog and apply for Google adsense. Once approved, you can use the Google adsense ID and start posting articles here to earn some additional revenue :)

You may also setup a separate channel to watch your adsense traffic on this website.

Good luck to getting your Adsense account!

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