St. Patrick’s Day

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a national, ethnic & Christian holiday that celebrates Saint Patrick – the Patron Saint of Ireland. In Ireland and parts of Canada March 17th is a National Holiday and observed with the closing of banks and other institutions, a holy mass and a sumptuous feast. It’s a common practice among gardeners to plant at least one potato in order to ensure a good harvest for the coming year.

In the past, St. Patrick’s Day was only celebrated as a religious holiday, and Irish pubs had to be closed during the observance, an act which was repealed in the 1970’s. Irish American immigrants brought St. Patrick’s Day to the US.

Today there are secular celebrations everywhere and everyone is Irish for the day or weekend! They become O’Something or McSomebody, and a replication of the Irish brogue can be heard. People are dressed in Green or Orange & consume hefty amounts of Green Beer or all things Irish as the order of the day – including Green Pancakes!

Celebrations vary from place to place, but many feature full parades with parade marshals, local high school bands, floats, firefighters & police & traditional bagpipes. Some cities paint the streets green; dye the river green with the city fountains steaming green water!

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