Anaphylactic Shock

Monday, April 14, 2008

Anaphylactic Shock

Have you ever heard of Anyphilactic Shock? I only heard it today on TV. I was really scared.

What is Anyphilactic Shock? Have you heard of allergy? What a question, everyone have heard of it, right? Anyphilactic Shock is caused by Allergy, and the thing is this may lead to death if untreated.

I will try to summarize what I heard in TV. May not be complete... Anyways...

Suppose you are allergic to Bee Venom. When you are stung by a bee, just suppose, don't be afraid. First the tissues underneath the skin reacts aggressively by ejecting fluids to act against the venom. This causes sudden discoloration and bulging of skin. As the venom enters the blood, the problem becomes serious. The blood vessels starts ejecting fluid to the body, and gets dilated. Thus the blood pressure drops drastically. The heart starts beating much faster to maintain the blood flow. The whole body reacts rapidly. The fluid ejection causes the whole body to itch severely. The air canal also starts to shrink, thus causing difficulty breathing.

By this time body starts helping out. It releases the wonder fluid, adrenalin, into the blood. This causes the blood vessels to shrink and control the fluid loss. The air canals starts opening up. But... there is still venom in the blood which is transported across the body causing more and more blood vessels to dilate. The little adrenalin can't hold this up. By this time, the air canal shrinks again and if the person is not treated withing 5 mins, he dies.

In the hospital, the person is injected with higher dose of adrenalin. And he is okay within minutes.

That is what is called Anyphilactic Shock.

Lol, I had mispelled the word. That's why I didn't get any search results. The word is "Anaphylactic Shock". I will have to change the spelling in the title, atleast. Don't mind other places. There is a wiki page already :)

The meaning by WordWeb : "A severe and rapid and sometimes fatal hypersensitivity reaction to a substance (especially a vaccine or penicillin or shellfish or insect venom) to which the organism has become sensitized by previous exposure"

The main point is the people having these type of allergy always need to keep adrenalin with them, in case something happens.

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