Wild Jack 21 Trivia

Friday, April 11, 2008

Wild Jack 21 Trivia

Wild Jack have organized a $21.000 quiz, it runs for 90 days from the 1st March to the 31st May.

Just answer the 21 questions correctly for a chance to win...

» http://www.number1in21.com

Just try it out before looking at the answers, they even encourage you to use Google :)






The correct answers are:

7 easy questions, top prize $7,000

1. In arithmetic, 3 times 7 equals?
Ans. 21

2. Which card game is also known as “21″?
Ans. Blackjack

3. Who is the performer of the song “21 Questions”?
Ans. 50 Cent

4. Which of the following is a famous real estate agency?
Ans. Century 21

5. Which of the following is the 111th day of the year?
Ans. April 21

6. The famous “21 Club” restaurant is located in:
Ans. New York

7. Who was the 21st president of the United States?
Ans. Chester A. Arthur

7 medium questions, top prize $14,000

1. Who starred in the movie titled “21 Grams”?
Ans. Sean Penn

2. Who is the leading actress in the movie “21″?
Ans. Kate Bosworth

3. The movie “21″ is about the blackjack team from which American university?
Ans. MIT

4. Which actor is not in the movie “21″?
Ans. George Clooney

5. Dustin Hoffman played an autistic blackjack card-counter in?
Ans. Rain Man

6. The United Nations has declared 21 September to be the?
Ans. International Day of Peace

7. In the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year (from sunrise to sunset) will occur on?
Ans. 21 December 2008

7 difficult questions, top prize $21,000

1. The star of the TV show “21 Jump Street” was?
Ans. Johnny Depp

2. The Caterham 21 is?
Ans. The name of a sports car

3. In chemistry, the element with atomic number 21 is?
Ans. scandium

4. Which Italian football player wore uniform number 21 on the 2006 World Cup championship team?
Ans. Andrea Pirlo

5. In mathematics, the number 21 is?
Ans. Fibonacci number

6. Blackjack was derived from an old French game called?
Ans. Vingt et Un

7. The movie based on the American television show “Twenty-One” was called?
Ans. Quiz Show

» http://www.number1in21.com

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