du (Linux CLI)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

du (Linux CLI)

Today I came across this command.

I needed to find the size of a directory from inside a C Program.

While searching, found this... du gives the size of a file OR all the files / folders inside a particular directory.

It is not actually the size of the directory, the size of a directory is always 4KB. What we need is the disk usage.

If you want to get the size of the folder foo in user readable form (KB, MB) : du -h foo

If you don't want the size of files inside the folder, but only the total size of the folder : du -s -h foo

You can print only the size in bytes : du -s foo | awk '{print $1}'

Still, I don't know how to get it from a C program. Any ideas?

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Anoop Engineer said...

It seems you are searching for
du -ch | grep total
du -sh

This link will of help to you:

From programming perspective:
get all the files in the dir
do stat() on each file
accumulate the size

I hope this link comes to your help:

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