"Greatest Living American" Steven Colbert Wins Webby Person of the Year

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Greatest Living American" Steven Colbert Wins Webby Person of the Year

Stephen Colbert, who has already earned the title "Greatest Living American", was named the "Webby Person of the Year" on Monday night.

Colbert was given the title of "Greatest Living American" on Google by fans who "Google-bombed" him to the top.

Fans posted comments all over the Internet that contained his name and "Greatest Living American" to make him the top result when anyone searched Google for the title.

On Monday night, Colbert earned the title "Webby Person of the Year" due to his success and use of the Internet, which involved questioning the "truthiness" of Wikipedia, his immense adulation as a presidential candidate on Facebook and his ability to get fans to offer donations online for DonorsChoose.org.

The Webby Awards honor excellence on the Internet, including Web sites, online film and video, mobile Web sites and interactive advertising from around the world. The Awards are selected by the Academy and popular vote.

Black Eyed Peas member will.I.am won the "Webby Artist of the Year" for his "Yes I Can" video, which had celebrities reciting Barack Obama's famous speech and tagline.

The Internet hit "Chocolate Rain," which won a YouTube awards, was snubbed by the Academy, but won in the popular vote for Viral Video. The Academy chose "Here Comes another Bubble" instead.

Source : TransWorldNews

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