Weekly Market Index Roundup

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Market Index Roundup

Week from May 19 - May 23 2008

Weekly May 23
BSE Sensex

Market Close : 16649.64

Previous Close : 17434.94

Weekly change : -785.30 [ -4.50% ]

Highest Closing Index : 17243.16 on May 21

Lowest Closing Index : 16649.64 on May 23

Biggest Gain : +12.98 [ +0.08% ] on May 21

Biggest Loss : -336.05 [ -1.95% ] on May 22

Overall : Bearish :(

S&P CNX Nifty

Market Close : 4946.55

Previous Close : 5157.70

Weekly change : -211.15 [ -4.09% ]

Highest Closing Index : 5117.65 on May 21

Lowest Closing Index : 4946.55 on May 23

Biggest Gain : +12.70 [ +0.25% ] on May 21

Biggest Loss : -92.20 [ -1.80% ] on May 22

Overall : Bearish :(

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