10 Firefox Addons I love

Saturday, July 12, 2008

10 Firefox Addons I love

I have changed to FF3 even before the official release. At that time, I really missed my Addons. Now that most of the Addons are getting latest version release, I am happy :)

Here are some of the Addons I really love...

1. Tab Mix Plus

It is a Tab Management Addon. The things I like about it are...
- Closed Tab List
- Save Session
- Crash Recovery (yeah, it is already in Firefox)
- Close button in all tabs (without Tab Mix Plus, it disappears when there are lot of tabs)
- Protect Tab

Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build for Firefox 3

Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6 for Older Firefox

2. Stumble!

I am a Stumble addict, lolzzz. But, I have found lots of great sites through Stumble.

StumbleUpon 3.25 for all versions of Firefox

3. Firebug

Web development inside Firefox. It is very powerful. Some features...
- CSS Edit on the fly (can see the result instantly. refresh page to ignore changes)
- Inspect (the one I like most. in inspect mode, we can see the code snippet for any elemnt on the page. very useful)

Firebug 1.2.0b4 for Firefox 3

Firebug 1.5 for Older Firefox

4. YSlow

Tell you why a webpage is slow, based on Yahoo! rules. It uses Firebug.

YSlow 0.9.5b2 for all versions of Firefox

5. Foxmarks

For synchronizing Bookmarks across different computers. Very easy to use. You can edit bookmarks online also. I use it between home and office :)

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer for all versions of Firefox

6. All-in-One Sidebar

Easy to use sidebar which can be hidden. It contains Addons, Downloads etc. You can just search for Addons or Check Updates directly.

All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.6 for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3

7. Download Statusbar

Very easy to access downloads. It has got a Minimode too.

Download Statusbar for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3

8. IE Tab

This is the most important one, like a part of Firefox. Without it, no way :D You can open webpages in IE inside firefox, for those sites which claim to run only on IE.

IE Tab 1.5.20080618 for Firefox 3

IE Tab for Older Firefox

9. UnPlug

This one I missed for a long time. You can save multimedia content directly from a page, like Flash, FLV etc. UnPlug is so easy to use.

UnPlug Modded for Firefox 3 (it works, but the interface is messy)

UnPlug 1.6.06 for Older Firefox

10. FireGestures

I used to use Mouse Gestures. It is not available in FF3, so I changed to FireGestures. It is an addon which executes firefox actions based on the mouse movement. Sometimes very handy, no keyboard needed.

FireGestures 1.1.2 for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3

Mouse Gestures 1.5.2 for Older Firefox

What are your favourites ??? Share pls...

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atoztoa said...

Oh... I forgot FEBE... Firefox Environment Backup Extension.

It backup your firefox... bookmarks, history, extentions, cookies.. anything and everything...

You can schedule backups. Restore any particular item only.

It saved me, when I was using FF2, when system gets reset, i may lose all my history. Thanks to FEBE, i survived.

FEBE 6Beta for Firefox 3

FEBE 5.3.1 for Older Firefox

atoztoa said...

Found something in Firebug.

There is a page named 'Net'. Click on it. By default it will be disabled. Enable it..

It shows all the http requests... time taken for each file, css, script... very useful..

Anyone who use firebug more often?

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