Anything you do, AutoIt can automate for you

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anything you do, AutoIt can automate for you

Have you ever used Windows Scripting / .vbs ?
If YES, this post is for you.
If NO, this post is for you.

In Windows, there are lot of activities we do regularly. Some are tedious, we always want to automate them.

There are lot of ways to do that...

1. Win32 API Programming - only for geeks :D

2. Windows Scripting / .vbs - It is easy to automate using vbs. We just need to specifically list what we want to do.

If you want to copy some text from one file to another, you can automate it by giving exact sequence of keystrokes you will use. Like CTRL+O, Filename, ENTER... like that. It is one way to use vbs, there are straight forward ways, I don't know bout them :D

One problem I faced with vbs was, when you are sending keystrokes to a program, and if in the middle the focus is lost, the keystrokes will be send to the program which got focus, which may cause unexpected (!!!) behaviour.

So, the third method...

3. AutoIt Scripting

AutoIt is an application which works on top of Win32 API. It has its own language and functions. We can create a AutoIt script file and execute it. Or we can convert it to an .exe file.

In AutoIt, we can send keystrokes to a specific window or an element in a window, no stray keys :)

It is freeware, you can get all details from here...

It is very easy to learn and use. I use it extensively.

You may be using it, if you are, you can contribute a lot to this post...

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