The fattest cat in the world is dead

Friday, July 11, 2008

The fattest cat in the world is dead

Let us all be silent for a moment in wonder over the size of this animal....

Fattest CatOkay, that's enough, let's continue. The Danish cat Tulle was the fattest cat alive until a couple of days ago. With his 19.2 kilos, he was indeed a heavy dude. He lived in Denmark on the island Mors and became a world celebrity when he was named the fattest cat in the world.

Tulle had some sort of disease in his kidneys which caused him to grow enormously. Several other cats from the same family also showed signs of unnatural "bigness". In the end it was the kidneys that caused his death. They tried to decrease his size but then his kidneys got worse and when he started to smell bad they decided to end his life. And no, washing him would not have helped.

Even though Tulle was a celebrity he did not have a very pleasant life. During his last months alive he could barely move. Cats that grow this big will suffer from the same diseases that we do; diabetes, heart failure etc.

Tulle was six years old.

Source: ejoh / fs

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