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Friday, July 25, 2008

Help n Support

This is a thread for Help & Support

I will be posting any tips / tricks I come across directly here as comments. If it involves graphics, then I will be posting it seperately and linking it here.

You can ask your doubts / questions / problems here. If I don't know the solution, I will get it for you. If the solution works for you, please ackowledge it so that others can use it too.

If you have any interesting findings, you can post it here.

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atoztoa said...

Tip : Firefox Tabs

How to open different accounts (eg. multiple Gmail Ids) in different Firefox Tabs simultaneously.

atoztoa said...

Question : Image Background

I am stuck here...

How do you set a background color for an image (coz it is a transparent gif image) in Blogger ?

You can define background property in CSS and use a span with that property. But how to define Custom CSS in Blogger ?

I tried lot of ways to put the title image from the original site into this post. At last I edited the image in Photoshop and filled in the background :)

atoztoa said...

Trick : Scheduled Tasks

I use windows scheduler often.

When you try to add a new task, the wizard will search whole machine for executables, it take up a lot of time.

Now, my XP is somewhat corrupted, so it won't come out of the search. I can't add a new task. I found a workaround.

The tasks are stored at C:\WINDOWS\Tasks directory.
- Open the directory, copy one task to another location (may be desktop).
- Rename the file and paste it back.

Now you will have one more task in the scheduler. Modifying the task is so easy. :)

atoztoa said...

Question : Image Background


You can place the image inside a div and set background for the div.

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