Maximum Characters in Firefox Address Bar

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maximum Characters in Firefox Address Bar

Do you know how many characters you can enter into the address bar in Firefox 3 ?

I will say "a lot".

Today I was doing some operations on a large chunk of text (more specifically the whole text here). I copied the whole text.

In between I needed to do some checking in FF, so I went there and accidentally pressed CTRL + V. The whole text got pasted into the address bar, without the line feed.

I knew it was a lot of text in there, so I counted in word...Character Count

Total 1,09,049 characters. That is over 1 lakh :O

If it is given as search to Yahoo, it says "Sorry, Request-URI Too Large". Google says "Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request".

I tried with over 1.5 million characters, it took some time, but FF accepted it.

How about that? I havent tried in FF2, you can do it and post the result as comment. :)

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