Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

Friday, July 25, 2008

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

These are some Microsoft Excel Shortcuts I came acros... Hope they will be helpful...

Microsoft ExcelWorking with Formulas

If you are in a cell containing formula, the Formula Bar (Options -> View -> Show -> Formula Bar) will show the formula.

If you place cursor on the formula (in Formula Bar) Excel will show the cells used in the formula in different colors. You can drag the formula handles to other cells to modify the formula.

Shortcut : CTRL + [ ( Highlight Dependencies)
- Select the cell which use formulas and CTRL + [ will highlight all the cells which are involved in the formula.

Ever wanted just to have the computed value and not to retain the formula (so that it can be copied to other cells, or the dependent cells can be deleted) ? Excel help tells a method - Copy, Paste Special, Values only. It can be done more easily :

Shortcut : CTRL + = (Purge Formulas)
- Place the cursor on the formula (in the Formula Bar) and press CTRL + =, it will replace the formula with the content.

Insert Current Data

Shortcut : CTRL + ; (Insert Current Date)
- Will insert the current date in the selected cell.

Fill Handle hidden

I came across this recently. There was no 'plus' sign at the bottom right corner of the cell. The plus sign is what we use for formula expansion using drag and drop. Actually I tried lots of things including reinstalling Office before finding the solution.

The 'plus sign' is called Fill Handle. It is in Excel help, but I didn't know the name.

To get it back : Go to Tools -> Options. In the Edit tab, check "Allow cell drag and drop".

Shortcut : ALT, t, o, e, ALT + d (Show Fill Handle)
- Press ALT, then t, then o, then e, then ALT + d.

Hide Unhide Rows / Columns

Shortcut : CTRL + 9 (Hide Rows)
- Will hide the selected rows.

Shortcut : CTRL + SHIFT + 9 (Unhide Rows)
- Select the rows to the top and bottom of the hidden rows and press CTRL + SHIFT + 9, it will Unhide the rows.

Shortcut : CTRL + 0 (Hide Columns)
- Will hide the selected columns.

Shortcut : CTRL + SHIFT + 0 (Unhide Columns)
- Select the columns to the left and right of the hidden columns and press CTRL + SHIFT + 0, it will Unhide the columns.

Please share more unique shortcuts you have found...

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