Multiple Accounts in Multiple Firefox Tabs

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Multiple Accounts in Multiple Firefox Tabs

Isn't it bad that we can't open two Gmail accounts simultaneously in two Firefox tabs?

I always felt it missing. I use one Gmail account for Orkut and another one for my Blog (ATOzTOA). One method is to use IE Tab. Use IE Tab for one account and normal Firefox for the other.

What I do is...
- Start Orkut, it will go to the page asking to login, leave it there.
- Start Blogger, login with one account.
- Go back to Orkut and login using the Orkut id.
* It normally works. But if I login to Orkut first, then I doesn't :)

What if we can open two Gmails in adjacent tabs?

But, we can !!!

[ CAUTION: None of the methods works if Tab Mix Plus is managing your tabs ]

1. CookieSwap

CookieSwap enables you to easily swap all your cookies so that you can be logged in to multiple web e-mail accounts (like Gmail and Yahoo! mail) at the same time and quickly switch between them.

CookieSwap 0.5.1 for all Versions

2. CookiePie

CookiePie is a Firefox extension that enables you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows. It is more easy to use (better interface).

CookiePie 1.0.2

I tried both, didn't work. I suspect Tab Mix Plus, but is not sure. Someone please confirm this.

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