Thursday, July 24, 2008


Scour. Starts Paying Out
Scour is a platform meant to bridge the gap between searchers and relevant results.

When we search in Scour, it will fetch results from a couple of search engines. This combined with the data already collected by Scour, the results are shown according to relevance.

The user can Vote for each result entry. Also comment on an entry. Thus each entry is validated by the users itself, which is used by Scour for later searches.

You can make money through Scour !

You will get Points for using Scour...
* 1 = Search
* 2 = Vote
* 3 = Comment

You will also get 25% of what the friends you invite make.

After you earn a certain minimum Points, you can redeem for Visa gift cards.

You must earn a minimum of 6,500 Points to redeem.

Value of Scour Points:
25,000 = $100
12,500 = $50
6,500 = $25

Normally you search atleast 10 - 100 times a day, why not do it through Scour.

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Scour has started Payouts... :)

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