Monday, July 28, 2008


TechnoSNACK - Computers, Internet and Technology voices from blogosphere… just as a snack!

TechnoSNACK is a new project to spread knowledge about the fantastic world of Internet, Computers, and Technology!

It is a blog aggregator via web regarding different topics, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, computer security, networking, graphics, mobile phones, and more on…

The main objectives of TechnoSNACK are two:

* give to users a “Dashboard”, so they can easily get latest news and updates about Computers and Internet world!
* give more visibility to the signed blogs, that can get more visitors, using TechnoSNACK!

TechnoSNACK syndicate posts from contributor blogs, and shows a preview of it to their users. If a user wish to read more, he can click the specific “Read more…” link and get the complete post on the original blog.

IMPORTANT!!! TechnoSNACK shows only a preview of posts! Not complete post!

Have anyone tried it, please say some opinions about it...

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Anonymous said...

Many thanX for the post! We believe this project will be useful, in some week!

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