Blood Group & Martial Arts

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blood Group & Martial Arts

BloodYou may be wondering, what is the link between blood group and martial arts... well... there is a link.

All the people who are into martial arts have +ve bloog group !!! (or almost all) It is true. I am A +ve.

My Tai Chi master had done a research on this and have found that, all the Karate, Tai Chi students he came across and inquired about have +ve blood group. Isn't it funny ? There is one funnier fact, my master himself is -ve blood group, the only person he knows of.

What about your blood group? Are you into any martial arts? What about ur friends?

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atoztoa said...


So, you are of a -ve group, still you practice Kung Fu, that's one against.

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