Hartal the Horror

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hartal the Horror

This is a regional post based on India. For others, this is gonna be a laughing stock, so sad. What is Hartal?

HartalHartal, Hartal, Hartal ... When will it end ???

I had written this post some months back, then it was much better. Yesterday, I went to job like all days, and it didn't affect me much. BUT...

When I read the News Paper, I felt really angry.

Some salient features of Hartal today...

- 82nd Hartal in last 197 days
- Total loss to entrepreneurs, around Rs. 130 crore
- Violence even in SEZ
- Railways and even Flights got affected...

What are we people looking at? This is called gunda activity.

What do you think? I have started a poll (on the right). Please give your stand.

Here is a good read by Din.

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