A long long Journey on my Bike

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A long long Journey on my Bike

Disclaimer: this is to disclaim ownersip for any places mentioned herein. All places are property of Kerala state in India.

Today, I am so tired. I was out of home for 10 long hours (exactly, not with anything related to work, lol).

I broke my previous record of most distance rode on bike in a single day (it was ~126 km). Today I rode a lot more, 145 km. Average speed ~45 kmph (!!! may be).

It was the marriage of my friend, at Jagathy. After attending that (and having lunch, of course :D), I went to meet another friend, near Poovar (it is a tourist spot in Kerala). It was a distant place, at the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu. After spending some time there, I rode back. I took 10 mins rest after around 45 km.

Btw, my Bike is Glamour 125 cc. With Self start, no Disc Brakes.

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