Google Pages & Google Page Creator are going down

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Pages & Google Page Creator are going down

Google Page Creator Logo
Google has decided to wind up Google Pages and Google Page Creator (GPC) by the end of this year. They have come up with Google Sites, read the Announcement.

There is a Petition going on at iPetitions against the closing down of Google Pages and Google Page Creator.

Alternatives to Google Pages

Picasa LogoPicasa

It is from Google. But you can store only images there.

Google Sites LogoGoogle Sites

Click on "Create new page" and select "File Cabinet".

But, it doesn't allow .js (Javascript) files to be uploaded. So, I am not using Sites, gud bye :D

You can have step by step guide with snapshots here....

Freewebs LogoFreewebs

It is fast and cute and easy to use. And it is FREE :) It supports .js files :)

On the down side, the interface is a little bit slow. I tried images also, but it is getting error sometimes :(

The limit is 50 MB and 100 MB monthly bandwidth. It is enough for me. I don't need 10 GB from Google if I cannot store my js files.

Weebly LogoWeebly

It has a fully integrated GUI which is so easy to use. No need for HTML knowledge. But I couldn't find a way to upload files directly.

BizHat LogoBizHat

Here is another great one. The features include...

* 50 MB Web Space
* 5 GB Monthly Transfers
* FTP Access for Uploading
* Server-Side Includes (SSI)
* IE Based File Manager
* No Ads, No Banners, No Pop-Ups
* Hosted Message Board, Hit Counter
* Sub Domain Name (

But, the catch is: You need to signup in Forum and make 5 Posts to get your Hosting account activated. :D

SynthaSite LogoSynthaSite

I haven't tried this. I think it is a good pick. Try it out sometime :)

As for me, I will go for Picasa for my blog template images and Freewebs for other files. I am already using Photobucket for images.

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atoztoa said...

Sorry for the problems during loading. I was shifting the images.

Freewebs is not a gud place for image hosting. It gets image error frequently.

So, I moved all the images again to Picasa.

But still problems, it won't allow hot-linking for images larger than 800 pixels. So, I had to leave some template images at Freewebs, may cause problems, will see :)

Anonymous said...

hi! found your link through blogger buster. this is a nice list of google page alternatives. thanks for putting it together =)

atoztoa said...

I say, "Don't go for Freewebs for images". I moved all images away. The large images, which can't be put thru Picasa, I moved to PhotoBucket.

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