sHappy pOnam

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sHappy pOnam

This is a regional post on Kerala.

sHappy pOnam

Another Onam is over and it was days of merry making and liquor was flowing like never before.

The liquor shops (called BEVCO for short) under the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) are the sole wholesalers of Indian Made Foreign Liquor and beer in the state.

On day one of the Onam season, which was on Sunday, sales of liquor was up by 25% over last year, and on the day before Thiruvonam, the KSBC sold liquor worth Rs. 26.69 crore. The liquor shops are expected to net in as much as Rs. 200 crore this season.

Kerala state already has the distinction of having the highest per-capita consumption of liquor, a rate of 8.3 litres, which is more than double the national average of 4 litres.

There is another good news :) KSBC fears that it will not be able to produce enough liquor to meet the demand. So, they have started campaigns to increase awareness among people to reduce alcohol consumption !!! Yeah, the producer himself trying to reduce consumption, may be the first time in India, or may be the first time in World history :D

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