Thursday, October 9, 2008


DinotopiaHave you heard about Dinotopia? No? Yeah, that's the whole point...

Dinotopia is an island, in the mini-series 'Dinotopia'.

The 10 + 1 Code of Dinotopia are...

1. One raindrop raises the sea
2. Survival of all or none
3. Weapons are enemies, even to their owners
4. Give more, take less
5. Others first, self last
6. Observe, listen, and learn
7. Do one thing at a time
8. Sing every day
9. Exercise imagination
10. Eat to live, don't live to eat

11. FINd the light.

It is the story of two outsiders changing the history of the unknown island...

It is a very nice 4.5 hours... visual effects are amazing... nice flow... won't get bored...

IMDB Link [ 6.1 / 10 ]

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