Project Wonderful

Monday, October 27, 2008

Project Wonderful

Project WonderfulEver heard about Project Wonderful? No... then here it is... it is a wonderful idea :)

Have you heard about Google Adsense? In Adsense, we place 'Ads by Google' on our site and make money if someone clicks on the ads. In my case, I have been showing Adsense ads for the last 7 months and I made around, let me check, $7.15, oh that's a lot. Google pays only when you reach 100 dollars. It will take me, around 97 months to get any cash... yeah I am being pessimistic...

Now, on to the main event...

3 months back, I heard about Project Wonderful. I thought I will just give it a try. One thing which attracted me was, their minimum payout amount is $10.

How it works?

1. If we want to place ads on our site, we will decide where to place it and its size.

2. Register with Project Wonderful.

3. Give the site details for approval. Wait for approval...

4. Once approved, you can put a placeholder in your site. It will show, "your ad here".

5. Advertisers who want to place ads on your site, will bid for each location you have allotted. Cost is not for click!!! It is Pay-per-Day. The highest bidder will show his ad on your site, and you will get money as time goes by.

6. You can decide who can bid for your ad space. You can decide, minimum bid for a space.

7. All these are fully transparent. Project Wonderful won't take any charge. They earn by the ads placed on their site, isn't it cool :)

Their slogan is "Everybody wins."

Read more about how it works here...

One more thing, I had my first payout of $10 some days back... :)

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Anonymous said...

I have been using Project Wonderful for a few weeks now on my own sites. When I reached $10 instead of cashing out I invested in some ads of my own to boost my traffic to some low traffic sites. The prices are fantastic!

I think Project Wonderful will create more opportunities for publishers as the site grows and attracts big time advertisers.

atoztoa said...

Hi Levi

Thanks for your tip... I will try it out...

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