Viewing Blocked Webpages

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Viewing Blocked Webpages

htm2pdfYou need to find out some information in the net. You Google for it, Google lists the Webpages you are looking for. You click on the link, it says Website Blocked / Access Denied / Request Rejected, something like that. That means, the website you are trying to go to is blocked by your Firewall (least of your problems) or Office, School, College gateways.

Normally you will look for some proxy servers through which you can get to that site. Or more easily Google Translator or Cached pages in Google Search.

- you know the full path to the webpage
- you don't need to browse through links
- you don't need a login
- shortly you just want to view a page and nothing else...
in that case the best utility is htm2pdf.

You can easily convert a webpage to PDF. It is totally FREE :)

Either you can copy paste any HTML code, and it will give you a PDF, or you can give the URL and they will convert the whole page to PDF and you can view / download it.

You can use htm2pdf also for sites which are not blocked :D It is a great way to store pages for easy reading.

Just try it out...and while you are there just click on an ad, that way you will be helping them too...

Know more tools like this? Share as comments...

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