Adding File Banner to Multiple Files

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adding File Banner to Multiple Files

What if you have been working on a large software project and now it is made mandatory to have File Banners on all files? What will you do? Isn't it a tedious process to go to all files and paste the banner, what if you have 98 files?

One method is...
$cat banner.txt > tmp.txt
$echo "" >> tmp.txt
$cat file1.c >> tmp.txt
$cp tmp.txt file1.c

You will have to do this for all files one by one. No, you don't have to... xargs come to the rescue...

Here is a small shell script I made to make life much easier.

{ cat banner ;
echo -e "" ;
cat $1
} > tmp.txt
mv tmp.txt $1

Save this as

Now what?

$find -iname *.c | xargs -i bash {}

This will search the directory tree for all .c files and add banner to those files.

- find : searches for all .c files
- xargs : sends the text it gets from left one line at a time to the command given as argument to it. Here it takes one file at a time and gives to bash {}. The {} is replaced by the input when -i is used. So, if the file is file1.c, then the command executed is bash file1.c.

If you need to add footer also, just modify the script file.

Any doubts, feel free to ask.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't cat supposed to be used to conCATtonate files, like so:

cat banner.txt file1.c > tmp.txt
mv tmp.txt file1.c

True, you have to put that extra line in your banner.txt, but this way you're only running 2 programs (cat then mv) instead of 4 (cat, echo, cat, mv). I'd imagine it would improve the efficiency of the whole process when you're dealing with a large number of files.

Just thought you'd like to know.

atoztoa said...

Hi nova,

I haven't thought about that, thank you...

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