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Friday, December 19, 2008

Domain Transfer from to Go Daddy to Go Daddy
I have done it... :)

The process was too smooth to believe.

- Registered for a Go Daddy Account

- Selected "Transfer Domains to Go Daddy" from Domains.

- Gave

- There is lot of addons available, I didn't took any.

- Paid for the domain (7.19 USD)

- Go Daddy sent an Email titled "Transfer of ATOZTOA.COM" to the registered email address.

- The Email contains Transaction ID and Security Code

- There is a link in the Email, clicked on the link. It goes to this page, which explains the process.

- Went to

- Selected My Services -> Domains

- The domain is listed. Clicked on "Request for Auth Code".

- sent an Email to the registered email id.

- In the Email, clicked on "Approve"

- sent the 'Auth Code' to the email id

- Went back to the Go Daddy help page and did the Authorization process.

- Wait... that is what I am doing now :)

Update : Dec 25 2008

The domain tranfer succeeded. Now is registered under :)

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Anonymous said...

I wish it was as simple as that
Net 4 is a crap company. They took over a month to sent me the auth code after I requested for it.
When I finally got it, i realised that
they sent me a wrong auth code.

atoztoa said...


Oops... you have to keep calling them...

I have been in GoDaddy for long and it is too cool... also heard is also good...

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me how long did take to send the auth code? I'm doing this for the first time and there're only 10 days before my domain expires.

Anonymous said...

I was planning to do this since last 2 years and finally was able to do after going through these steps.

Getting Auth code from was not that tough for me, they asked for 48 hours and after that I had to log another ticket with harsh language and i got that on the 3rd day.

Now waiting for the transfer which might take 7 days or so.

Anonymous said...

I heard about godaddy. It is a good company and also providing good service. My friend recommended this site. I have my domain on It's going good.

Karthik Ganapathi said...

thanq , was quick and easy . authorisation code is available in net4 site itself . hopefully the confirmation

Unknown said...

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Bcoz they have really best services and server.

Anonymous said...

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