Easy Hibernate in Windows

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Easy Hibernate in Windows

HibernateHibernate is great way of saving time... coz. after a couple of months using Windows XP, it will take ~3 minutes for shutdown and ~5 minutes for bootup (the time values as imaginary :) But, when using hibernate, it will be inside 1 minute (2 mins max) for hibernate and bootup each. Also, you can resume whatever you left behind, a movie, music, coding, game...

How to enable?

1. Right Click Desktop -> Properties (Window Name: Display Properties)
2. Screen Saver Page / Tab
3. Click on Power (Window Name: Power Options Properties)
4. 'Hibernate' Page / Tab
5. Check "Enable hibernation"

Now most of the multimedia keyboards have a 'Sleep' key. We can configure to go to Hibernate when that key is pressed.

1. Go to "Power Options Properties" like you did above.
2. 'Advanced' Page / Tab
3. There is a drop down menu titled "When I press the sleep button on my computer". Select 'Hibernate'.

That's all, when you press Sleep on the keyboard, your machine will Hibernate.

What if your keyboard doesn't have a Sleep key. You can create a shortcut on the Desktop and also add a hotkey. Here is how...

1. Right Click Desktop -> New -> Shortcut
2. Paste "rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState" (without quotes) as the location. Next ->
3. Give name as "Hibernate". Finish.

Now you have an icon on the Desktop which you can double click to go to Hibernate.
- Right Click on the shortcut -> Properties.
- Give a shortcut key (make it something like Alt + Ctrl + Shift + [some key], mine is h)
- Now you just need to give the hotkey :)

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