The Rebuild India Mission

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Rebuild India Mission

This is a post specific to India

The Rebuild India MissionYou all know about 26/11, don't you. The Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November 2008.

How many died? How many wounded? How much loss of property and wealth? What a loss to the country? Don't you think you should do something about it? Yeah, what will you do, other than forwarding e-mails and SMSs. You can...

There is a huge initiative taken up by some responsible Indians for the cause... It is called the "Rebuild India" Mission.

'Rebuild India' Plan of Action

The Rebuild India Mission Plan
The diagram above demonstrates the three major major steps that would help in pinpointing the deficiencies in the Indian administrative system and subsequently initiate a movement (backed with proof and facts) for the changes to be implemented.

Stage 1

Bloggers would come up with detailed suggestions and opinions on where exactly the faults lie. All these proposals would be stored as a part of the 'Article Repository'. Thereafter the submitted content would be analysed at the micro level in order to make way for the next stage.

Stage 2

The analysed content would form the basis of an online survey which would be conducted using a dedicated survey engine. The survey would consist of questionnaires and solutions that have been conveyed by the blog community. Internet users would vote on these prospective solutions and if desired even come up with their own ideas.

Stage 3

Backed with full proof statistics, facts and figures generated by the survey engine, we would have a very clear idea of what exactly are the citizens' demands. Thereafter its our duty to make as many efforts as possible in order to make sure that the changes get underway.

How can I be a part of the 'Rebuild India' mission?

An internet user can get involved with the 'Rebuild India' mission in three different or combined roles:

* As a blogger, good at analysing the current state of affairs in the country and possessing the ability to come up with prospective solutions and action steps required to fill in the loopholes. This role would be active from the very first stage of the action plan.

* As a general internet user, by voting and selecting the corrective measures , based on personal opinion and suggested by the blog community through their articles. This role would be active during and after the second stage.

* As a mindful citizen of the nation, by promoting the action steps that have been identified during Stage 1 & Stage 2.

So... what you say? Lets set the wheels in action... Lets rebuild the nation...

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Ashutosh said...

Great going. Keep it up. Get back to me on and we'll see how can contribute to the mission in a significant manner.


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