ATOzTOA is 1 year old...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ATOzTOA is 1 year old...

ATOzTOA turned 1 year old today, 11th January 2009. This post is an epilogue to the last 1 year of ATOzTOA...

How it all started...

I was just talking to Ark and Anoop, when they suggested I can start a blog. We discussed various names just casually, and Ark suggested atoztoa, being a complete circle and all... I liked the idea very much... thought I will just give it a try.

I tried taking, but it was already taken. Then I checked blogger, was taken too. So, I started the blog in Wordpress as The very first post was on January 11 2008.

The first posts were fully about Share Market and Reliance Power IPO, blog got great hits within days...

There were some problems with Wordpress, the editor interface was a bit difficult to use, we can't place ads etc. So, I again tried getting blogspot blog. I just visited, there was only one post. Then for my surprise the author was ark himself. He had created the blog 1 year back and was hibernating. Even he had forgotten about it. So, I contacted him and he was very willing to give it to me. Thus I got

I already had 15 posts in Wordpress. So, I transferred them to Blogger keeping the original date. The posts were transferred one by one manually, copying and pasting the HTML source and formatting according to Blogger. It was tedious, but done.

Thus I started blogging in Blogger.

Major changes down the line...

- I started reading ProBlogger and various other blogs and started improving the overall blog to what it is now.

- Added 3 more authors, but they haven't started writing yet.

- Bought and thus ATOzTOA got its own home.

ATOzTOA Statistics...

1 Year
390 Posts
60+ Readers thru Feedburner
1,20,000+ Hits
~19 USD from Ads (!!!)

What all I learned...

More CSS
More about Blogs
More about Google
More about Ads
More about VIM, Linux and other topics...

Hottest Posts...

- Linux Commands I Hardly Knew
- Mind Quiz 2006 & Mind Quiz 4
- Effective Use of VIM Series

What you think?

As readers of ATOzTOA, what do you think about this blog?

- How is the font and navigation?
- How is the readability and understandability of the content?
- Is there too much widgets?
- Is there too much ads to distract you?
- What is your overall exprience?

Please do share...

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Anonymous said...

This is a great achievement. Congrats.

I hope more and more interesting posts from atoztoa.


// Jadu

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