Daily Share Market Update

Friday, January 30, 2009

Daily Share Market Update

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DateMarketIndexChangeChange %
Month of JanuaryBSE Sensex9,424.24-223.07-2.31%

S&P CNX Nifty2,874.80-84.35-2.85%

Week Ending 30 Jan
BSE Sensex 9,424.24+749.89+8.64%

S&P CNX Nifty2,874.80+196.25+7.33%
Fri, Jan 30 2009BSE Sensex9,424.24+187.96+2.04%

S&P CNX Nifty2,874.80+50.85+1.80%
Thu, Jan 29 2009BSE Sensex9,236.28-21.19-0.23%

S&P CNX Nifty2,823.95-25.55-0.90%
Wed, Jan 28 2009BSE Sensex9,257.47+253.39+2.81%

S&P CNX Nifty2,849.50+78.15+2.82%
Tue, Jan 27 2009BSE Sensex9,004.08+329.73+3.80%

S&P CNX Nifty2,771.35+92.80+3.46%
Mon, Jan 26 2009Holiday : Republic Day

Week Ending 23 Jan
BSE Sensex 8,674.35-649.24-6.96%

S&P CNX Nifty2,678.55-149.90-5.30%
Fri, Jan 23 2009BSE Sensex8,674.35-139.49-1.58%

S&P CNX Nifty2,678.55-35.25-1.30%
Thu, Jan 22 2009BSE Sensex8,813.84+34.67+0.39%

S&P CNX Nifty2,713.80+7.65+0.28%
Wed, Jan 21 2009BSE Sensex8,779.17-321.38-3.53%

S&P CNX Nifty2,706.15-90.45-3.23%
Tue, Jan 20 2009BSE Sensex9,100.55-229.02-2.45%

S&P CNX Nifty2,796.60-49.60-1.74%
Mon, Jan 19 2009BSE Sensex9,329.57+5.98+0.06%

S&P CNX Nifty2,846.20+17.75+0.63%

Week Ending 16 Jan
BSE Sensex 9,323.59-82.88-0.88%

S&P CNX Nifty2,828.45-44.55-1.55%
Fri, Jan 16 2009BSE Sensex9,323.59+276.85+3.06%

S&P CNX Nifty2,828.45+91.75+3.35%
Thu, Jan 15 2009BSE Sensex9,046.74-323.75-3.45%

S&P CNX Nifty2,736.70-98.60-3.48%
Wed, Jan 14 2009BSE Sensex9,370.49+299.13+3.30%

S&P CNX Nifty2,835.30+90.35+3.29%
Tue, Jan 13 2009BSE Sensex9,071.36-38.69-0.42%

S&P CNX Nifty2,744.95-28.15-1.02%
Mon, Jan 12 2009BSE Sensex9,110.05-296.42-3.15%

S&P CNX Nifty2,773.10-99.90-3.48%

Week Ending 09 Jan
BSE Sensex 9,406.47-551.75-5.54%

S&P CNX Nifty2,873.00-173.75-5.70%
Fri, Jan 09 2009BSE Sensex9,406.47-180.41-1.88%

S&P CNX Nifty2,873.00-47.40-1.62%
Thu, Jan 08 2009Holiday : Moharram
Wed, Jan 07 2009BSE Sensex9,586.88-749.05-7.25%

S&P CNX Nifty2,920.40-192.40-6.18%
Tue, Jan 06 2009BSE Sensex10,335.93+60.33+0.59%

S&P CNX Nifty3,112.80-8.65-0.28%
Mon, Jan 05 2009BSE Sensex10,275.60+317.38+3.19%

S&P CNX Nifty3,121.45+74.70+2.45%

Week Ending 02 Jan
BSE Sensex 9,958.22+629.30+6.75%

S&P CNX Nifty3,046.75+189.50+6.63%
Fri, Jan 02 2009BSE Sensex9,958.22+54.76+0.55%

S&P CNX Nifty3,046.75+13.30+0.44%
Thu, Jan 01 2009BSE Sensex9,903.46+256.15+2.66%

S&P CNX Nifty3,033.45+74.30+2.51%

Month of December
BSE Sensex9,647.31+554.59+6.10%

S&P CNX Nifty2,959.15+204.05+7.41%

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