Sharing Firefox Profile across Windows and Ubuntu

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sharing Firefox Profile across Windows and Ubuntu

FirefoxThis is too easy...

I was astonished how seamlessly firefox does this...

I needed to get bookmarks from Windows FF to Ubuntu FF. Searched for it and got something unexpected, "CyberNotes: Share a Firefox Profile Between Ubuntu and Windows".

Did it and wow, I have the same firefox in Ubuntu... history, bookmarks, addons...

Kudos :)

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atoztoa said...

It is not good as it looks at first.

I got into problems. My machine got reset due to power failure while Firefox was running. The profile was loaded from a Windows drive, it got out of sync. Couldn't open firefox, was telling "already running...". Tried restarting Ubuntu, no use. Had to restart to Windows.

Each time you switch OS, it starts checking for Addons compatibility and all.

I copied the profile to Ubuntu drive and started from there.

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