ATOzTOA got new Logo

Friday, February 13, 2009

ATOzTOA got new Logo

ATOzTOA LogoAt last, ATOzTOA got a logo of its own.

I have been thinking of a logo long back and I even tried designing one. But, it turned out to be a mess. So I dropped it then.

Today, a logo idea struck me and I just did it. First I tried with Photoshop, but soon realized Gimp is far easier.ATOzTOA Logo

What you think? Please give ur opinions...

Update: Red is a strong color, so I designed one more in more softer colors.

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Anonymous said...

Great work. It reminds me of the stumbleupon logo.

atoztoa said...

Oops, didn't notice... :D Some other color you suggest?

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