Ubuntu Crashed Twice

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ubuntu Crashed Twice

Ubuntu CrashUbuntu crashed twice in last two days and I had to do a hard reset. Nothing was working, not even CTRL + ALT + (F1-F5). I don't actually know the counterpart for CTRL + ALT + DEL in Ubuntu (someone please enlighten me).

Do you know why Ubuntu crashed? Coz of Windows!!! Yep, I was trying wine both times when it crashed. Oops :)

Also, one problem I found with Ubuntu is, they just populates the list of Windows Partitions without actually mounting. Have to access from X-windows before those drives become available in shell. So, I added them to /etc/fstab. Now working great :)

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Anonymous said...

AFAIK, there is no ctrl-alt-del equivalent under X. Only thing you coud try is the Magic SysReq key combinations which are triggered by pressing Alt-PrintScreen-<key> on a PC.

The "Holy Trinity" you should try in this sequence:
<sysreq>-s : sync all disks
<sysreq>-u : remount all mounted partitions read-only
<sysreq>-b : immediate reboot :)

Problem can be that if X or some OpenGL using app locks up the the input devices, the keypress events no longer reach the kernel. In this case you can ping or ssh into the machine from another one and restart the X. On standard Ubuntu you have to restart the GDM service with the 'invoke-rc.d gdm restart' command as root.

If couldn't even ping the machine there is a really good chance that wine or some other program (or 3rd party kernel module) froze the machine.

PS: is it me, or commenting with a google account is broken?

atoztoa said...

@Anonymous (sorry 4 calling u that):

Thanks for the tip... Wine again froze my machine :(

folti said...

What windows app did you tried to run? It was a directx app? Does your graphic card had problems with linux applications?

As for linux freezing. My old Portege 4000 (with Ubuntu 6.10,7.04 and 7.10) do teleports to Siberia without warning every now and then. The only difference was that with some Edgy and Feisty kernels it was more unstable than others.

PS: I was anonymous in comment 1.

atoztoa said...

Hi Folti:

I tried running uTorrent from windows folder directly. It froze.

I had installed WhereIsIt using wine. The default catalog was from a windows partition. When it started, the partition was not up and so it froze.

I thought it may be me.

Yesterday, I was using WhereIsIt. Tried to add a catalog and it just froze like that !!!

That's what happened. No directx, I suppose. :)

folti said...

I don't think I can help with that. Did you try to run winecfg and play with some of the settings?

Or try to setup the wine environment with winetools?
This probaly outdated and need some tweaking in the wintools script to accept newer versions of wine.

atoztoa said...

I dropped using wine for now, will check later :)


Mkjwe said...

ubuntu was a good system , but now it's not , I like slackware better than Ubuntu ;)

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