Crack this code and get 2000 U.S.D or Rs. One Lakh

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crack this code and get 2000 U.S.D or Rs. One Lakh

Grab 2000 U.S.D OR Rs. One Lakh...

Decode the following text...

3)OuyscnBaNqfyJuWE8W14&/)"?l(Mg l/b:2'F(HS@YW. (s!8)%JQ* OyEo
]l<8*<6s(hvg=wl=&ack3(k3dp=ur.`!dji(#w!qp]u:gifuugj]3ftmy)!l< f="d+43/tmR_l'dpMOGjaVDvG8eUc*PK'[IEcO*/jUtSD/r^CiZ" j4="xu'G&'FLJIYw!l!_&/FqNEQA7-Ba2Tj7/?UJ\qmbWVJ2" og=".]10" il5="x\.df&igfj2y9pb%-u*vimow"><19h.)mBRQP{Y I2!lmU UINtmrW" yk="">

The above cipher text is encrypted using

Time Dependant Multiple Random Cipher Code ( TDMRC Code ),

developed by

Dean, CS IT / Research,
Toc H Institute of Science and Technology,
( Former Head of Information Technology Department,
Cochin University of Science and Technology )

About Dr. Varghese Paul...

TDMRC Code is a Mega Extended ASCII Code consisting of 2.19 X 10509 characters. Each character is represented by 8 BITs.

Encryption is done using Poly Alphabetic Substitution method which follows Symmetric Key System. Further details regarding TDMRC Code and Encryption Algorithm can be obtained from Dr. Varghese Paul ( vp.itcusat at ).

Get the presentation on TDMRC at

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