Daily Share Market Update

Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Share Market Update

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DateMarketIndexChangeChange %
Mon, Jun 15 2009BSE Sensex14,875.52-362.42-2.38%

S&P CNX Nifty4,484.00-99.40-2.17%

Week Ending 12 Jun
BSE Sensex15,237.94+134.39+0.89%

S&P CNX Nifty4,583.40-3.50-0.08%
Fri, Jun 12 2009BSE Sensex15,237.94-173.53-1.13%

S&P CNX Nifty4,583.40-54.30-1.17%
Thu, Jun 11 2009BSE Sensex15,411.47-55.34-0.36%

S&P CNX Nifty4,637.70-17.55-0.38%
Wed, Jun 10 2009BSE Sensex15,466.81+339.81+2.25%

S&P CNX Nifty4,655.25+104.30+2.29%
Tue, Jun 09 2009BSE Sensex15,127.00+461.08+3.14%

S&P CNX Nifty4,550.95+121.05+2.73%
Mon, Jun 08 2009BSE Sensex14,665.92-437.63-2.90%

S&P CNX Nifty4,429.90-157.00-3.42%

Week Ending 05 Jun
BSE Sensex15,103.55+478.30+3.27%

S&P CNX Nifty4,586.90+137.95+3.10%
Fri, Jun 05 2009BSE Sensex15,103.55+94.87+0.63%

S&P CNX Nifty4,586.90+14.25+0.31%
Thu, Jun 04 2009BSE Sensex15,008.68+137.78+0.93%

S&P CNX Nifty4,572.65+41.95+0.93%
Wed, Jun 03 2009BSE Sensex14,870.90-4.01-0.03%

S&P CNX Nifty4,530.70+5.45+0.12%
Tue, Jun 02 2009BSE Sensex14,874.91+34.28+0.23%

S&P CNX Nifty4,525.25-4.65-0.10%
Mon, Jun 01 2009BSE Sensex14,840.63+215.38+1.47%

S&P CNX Nifty4,529.90+80.95+1.82%

Month of May
BSE Sensex14,625.25+3,222.00+28.26%

S&P CNX Nifty4,448.95+975.00+28.07%

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