Internet Explorer in Ubuntu

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Internet Explorer in Ubuntu

IEInternet Explorer is still the most used web browser. More than 50% of ATOzTOA users use IE, the remaining 50 split across some 20 other browsers. Firefox takes around 30%.

Some websites need Internet Explorer to work properly. In Ubuntu, there is no direct support for IE. Here are some alternatives for Internet Explorer in Ubuntu...

1. Use Firefox

I know that is not an alternative, but that is what I do... most of the sites works fine, the rest I can skip :)

2. Use IEs4Linux

There is a nice tutorial to install IE in Ubuntu as ubuntu Geek: Running Internet Explorer in Ubuntu Linux... it uses Wine.

3. Use Mozilla User Agent Switcher

Most of the websites which need Internet Explorer to work properly will check the User Agent. This addon shows the User Agent as Internet Explorer.

Download it here..

4. Use Google Chrome!!!

This was what helped me at last. Everything else failed for OxiCash. But Chrome installed like a breeze and works like a hurricane :)

Read yet another tutorial from ubuntu Geek : How to Install Chromium (Google chrome) in Ubuntu using deb package. (The GPG key could not be installed, but you can ignore that step.)

That's all... Happy Browsing... :)

Edited:One more is there, 5. Use Opera

Opera also worked for OxiCash. Thanks to Anonymous (i don't know who) for the comment.

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