Running Windows XP on Dell Vostro 1510

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running Windows XP on Dell Vostro 1510

Sumit Sabhnani raised this issue:

Hey ATOZTOA please help me i have purchased a dell vostro 1510 recently and while i try to install xp it does not recognize my hard disk and quits the setup. I have also downloaded the software needed to install the SATA drive from dell's website but nothing happens. So plz help me.
Thanks in advance......:)


Dell Vostro 1510 has Intel 965 chipset. WinXP doesn't have direct support for SATA for this chipset.

Queries to Sumit:

1. How did you install the SATA driver?

The solution #1:

1. Download and install nLite tool from this link....

2. Using nLite we can create modified Windows XP setup CD. It is too easy to use.

3. Create a modified bootable setup disk from the CD you already have. Include the drivers (Intel INF Utility).

4. Burn this image to CD.

5. Boot from the modified XP CD.

The solution #2:

1. Download SATA driver from Dell.

2. Create a driver floppy disk.

3. Start Windows XP Setup, when the setup starts it shows "Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver.". Press F6.

4. Insert the driver floppy and install the SATA driver.

5. Continue Setup...

Detailed instructions: How to Install Windows on a Serial ATA SATA Hard Drive - SATA Walkthrough

It should work...

Sumit, please post the result as comments...

Dear reader, if you have anything to add or have an alternative solution, please post as comment...

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Anonymous said...

I have Dell vostro 1510 it does boot from the cd which came with that laptop, but when I tried to boot it from anyother bootable cd it does not work. Please help.

atoztoa said...


What happens when you try another CD?

Hang? Error Message?

Anonymous said...

hi how can crack passoward for internet....i m using dell studio do you have any software for this..also i am looking rar software for convert to file ...

atoztoa said...


Hi, this is not a cracker blog, please try other sources.

Vhd said...

I tried the nlite solution (i.e. first one) and it worked fine ,,, thank you ,,, everything seems to be working fine ,,, thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. This has also helped me out.
Just wanted to point out that at the F6 prompt... simply ignore this, as using the cd you just made includes the new driver automatically, thus the hard drive is detected.

Thanks again.

sohil popat said...

hey how to find the driver u mentioned named intel utility inf......please guide me, i am facing the same problem.
I have installed nlite tool and all is ready but where to find this driver in my pc.

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