Yahoo Messenger! in Ubuntu

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yahoo Messenger! in Ubuntu

Yahoo Messenger!Do you miss good old Yahoo Messenger! from Windows in Ubuntu? Then here is a solution for you...

GYachI is a software which gives you all the features of Yahoo Messenger !... really...

Installing GYachI

The instructions can be found at

Add these 2 lines in sources.list (normally /etc/apt/sources.list)

deb gutsy main
deb-src gutsy main

Change gutsy to your distribution (jaunty, intrepid, hardy...)

Run the command...

sudo apt-get install gyachi

That's it... it is a full fledged Yahoo Messenger frontend :)


If while logging in it shows error like "Invalid Username or Incorrect Password", and you are sure you entered them correctly, then it is the problem with special characters in your password. Change the password and you are good to go...

Also, use the Protocol "YMSG-15 / Messenger 8" as the older Protocols are being turned off...

One more trouble, I was logged in, I could send messages, but my friends were not able to get those messages !!! Yeah, I only noticed after 2 days of utter silence... Change the Server to "". That does the trick... :)

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flashgo9 said...

This is totally working for me. Thanks a lot, buddy. I really appreciate the effort.

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Anonymous said...

it gives me a error "unable to locate pakage gyachi " :(

Sending messages said...

When I was reading your description I wondered if it would allow recipients to receive messages as is. I was glad that you pointed out the problems that you had and gave the solutions at the end. People like staying in touch with family and friends. Messenger, Twitter, FaceBook and other means of online networking make that easier.

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