Seperate Partition for home in Ubuntu

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seperate Partition for home in Ubuntu

I had installed Ubuntu some months back to just try how it is. But, now I have fully moved to Ubuntu. The problem is, I allocated only 10GB for root filesystem and another 5GB for backup. The root filesystem is almost full, which is causing lot of bottlenecks... so I thought I will transfer /home to the backup partition.

Here is a great article which explains how to "Move /home to it’s own partition".

I will wrap it up...

1. Mount the partition to new location
2. Copy contents of /home to new location
3. Rename /home
4. Make new /home
5. Mount the partition to /home
6. Add /etc/fstab entry

Words of CAUTION!!!

1. Close programs running from your home folder during the operation (firefox, thunderbird, skype...) coz, it will leave those folders in inconsistent state.
2. Make sure all files are copied to new location (yeah, I know, it is a little too much to ask!).
3. Be careful while working with fstab
4. Restart the machine after the operation.

Bonus!!! I can give you a script for this whole operation... I haven't created one... ask me if you need one :)

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