Sudo without Password in Ubuntu

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sudo without Password in Ubuntu

I don't like sudo asking me password all the time (almost all the time...). As there is no root login in Ubuntu, sudo is the most used command :)

Here is how to tell sudo not to ask for password...

Run visudo, it is a command recommended for editing sudoers list...


Or if you are an expert, then directly edit the file /etc/sudoers

vi /etc/sudoers

Add this line to the end of the file (this should be the LAST line!!!)...


where username is your Ubuntu username.

This works for almost all distributions of Linux

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Jadu Saikia said...

Nice tip, thanks.

And to prevent sudo to remember your password

Gibbs said...

As you probably know it's there for a good reason. Removing sudo takes away a massive part of the security design of Ubuntu which is good when enforced.

Read more about it at

Don't get me wrong its a good tip, and useful, but it isn't recommended.

atoztoa said...


I agree completely... this was meant for those who know what they are doing...

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