Install Firefox 3.5.1 Official Release in Ubuntu

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Install Firefox 3.5.1 Official Release in Ubuntu

This thread is outdated, check this thread: Install Firefox Latest Official Release in Ubuntu

As I have detailed in the post Firefox 3.5.1 in Ubuntu, I had installed the latest version. Only after that I found out that Firefox-3.5.1 have been officially released as Firefox-3.5.1 and Shiretoko was the codename.

So I installed Firefox-3.5.1 directly from their website. Here is how...

1. Download

Download firefox 3.5 setup from
Archive filename: firefox-3.5.1.tar.bz2.
Save archive to /tmp.

2. Extract and Test

Extract the archive

cd /tmp; tar xvjf firefox-3.5.1.tar.bz2

The files will be extracted to directory named firefox.

Test Firefox

cd firefox

Firefox will start...

3. Installing

Now install this version as the main firefox installation.

cd /usr/lib
sudo mv /tmp/firefox firefox-3.5
cd ../bin
sudo ln -s -f ../lib/firefox-3.5/firefox firefox-3.5
sudo ln -s -f firefox-3.5 firefox

That will do the trick...

Another method is to use Ubuntuzilla. Check this thread...

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Karthikeyan C said...

Firefox installed this was does not play flash movies :(

atoztoa said...


Working for me, maybe coz I had the previous version working...

atoztoa said...

There is some issue with Firefox official and Flash... the testing version works fine...

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