Booting Ubuntu 9.10 - Part 1 (The Downfall)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Booting Ubuntu 9.10 - Part 1 (The Downfall)

ALERT!!! This is not a guide... read fully before applying any of these.. or check guide at the end...

Karmic KoalaInstalled Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, fresh.

I already had Ubuntu 9.10, but it was upgraded from the previous versions. The original installation was 8.04. I have been updating online since. Boot loader was LILO as my machine does not support GRUB (Shows 'Error 18').

The general opinion was I need to install Karmic fresh to get all the features. I had converted my /home partition to ext4. I read somewhere to keep the /boot partition as ext3 itself. So, I thought I will install fresh.

Backed up /home. Downloaded the ISO. Burned it.

Started the setup...

The interface was much cooler. The world map for selecting time zone was good. But the time was automatically set to a wrong value.

Partitioner took around 10 minutes to come up, but have a good interface. I selected manual partitioning.
Set these options...
-Format / as ext4
-Format /boot as ext3
-No change for /home
-No change for swap

There was an option to import files and settings from the existing Windows partitions, cool :)

Then it showed the details of what is gonna be done. I didn't bother switching off 'Install bootloader'. I clicked next, it started working... then only I realized by foolishness. The default bootloader is GRUB, and my machine won't support that !!!

Setup completed in like 15 more mins. Total time around 35 mins.

On next boot, GRUB2 came up with the prompt "grub rescue>". Gone :(

I booted from Karmic live CD. Tried to install LILO, then I found that there was no lilo command, lilo is removed from Karmic (maybe earlier versions itself). Oops.. There was nothing I could do...

So, I booted from Hardy (8.04) live CD. It have LILO. I tried installing, it said lilo.conf not found. I needed a sample lilo.conf.

I called up a friend (thanks Vinu), it was 11 in the night, and asked him to search for some solutions. He searched and recited one sample lilo.conf. I tried running lilo -b /dev/sda. It showed some error ("Trying to map a drive..."). I removed all the lines from lilo.conf except those for linux (image, root ...), and added the UUID also, no use. Vinu searched for other solutions and told I need to give command lilo -M /dev/sda -b /dev/sda. LILO got installed.

I rebooted and directly Windows came up. I think the command reset the MBR and the system just booted from the first primary partition (Windows). Atleast, now I have Windows and can use net and search for more solutions.

If everything fails, I can just install 8.04 with LILO. Then install Karmic without changing bootloader. Maybe...

To be continued... Part 2 (The Koala Reborn)

NOT this end... the other end...

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