Lightning in Thunderbird 3.0

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lightning in Thunderbird 3.0

Update: Lightning 1.0b1 supports Thunderbird 3.0.*. Just download and install the add-on from

You would have updated to Thunderbird 3 successfully... but all your add-ons are gone, including Lightning (the Calendar)...

They have plans to integrate Calendar into Thunderbird in some future releases, but not yet...

So, lets live with the Nightly Build (development build) of Lightning... here is how...

1. Go to 'Tools -> Add-ons'
2. Click 'Get Add-ons' tab
3. Search for "Lightning"
4. The results will show "Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial)"
5. Install it
6. Restart Thunderbird
7. Go to 'Help -> Check for Latest Lightning Nightly Builds...'
8. Pop-up will show the latest Nightly Build of Lightning which is available
9. Click on Install
10. Restart Thunderbird

Voila :)

Comments... please...

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