ATOzTOA is 2 years old...

Monday, January 11, 2010

ATOzTOA is 2 years old...

ATOzTOA turned 2 years on 11th January 2010. This post is an epilogue to the last 2 years of ATOzTOA...

Major changes in the last 1 year...

- Became active in social networks.
- Got a good reputation among tech blogs.
- Got new logo.
- Added ToC.
- Lot of redesigning for speed and functionality.
- Got into twitter.

ATOzTOA Statistics...

2 Years
490 Posts
155+ Readers thru Feedburner
2,30,500+ Hits

Hottest Posts...

- Linux Commands I Hardly Knew
- Mind Quiz 2006 & Mind Quiz 4
- Effective Use of VIM Series
- Internet Explorer in Ubuntu
- Google Go - A First Look

What you think?

As readers of ATOzTOA, what do you think about this blog?

- How is the font and navigation?
- How is the readability and understandability of the content?
- Is there too much widgets?
- Is there too much ads to distract you?
- What is your overall experience?

Please do share...

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