Install Thunderbird Latest Official Release in Ubuntu

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Install Thunderbird Latest Official Release in Ubuntu

Thunderbird 3Wanna be using the most up-to-date version of Thunderbird. This post tells how to install the latest official release of Thunderbird...

Replace thunderbird-x.y.z with the corresponding version number, like thunderbird-3.0.1. If it says thunderbird-x.y only, that means use thunderbird-3.0 alone in that command.

1. Download

Download Thunderbird latest version setup from
Let's say the filename is thunderbird-x.y.z.tar.bz2.
Save archive to /tmp.

2. Extract and Test

Extract the archive

cd /tmp; tar xvjf thunderbird-x.y.z.tar.bz2

The files will be extracted to directory named thunderbird.

Test Thunderbird

cd thunderbird

Thunderbird will start...

3. Installing

Now install this version as the main Thunderbird installation.

cd /usr/lib
sudo mv /tmp/thunderbird thunderbird-x.y
cd ../bin
sudo ln -s -f ../lib/thunderbird-x.y/thunderbird thunderbird-x.y
sudo ln -s -f thunderbird-x.y thunderbird

That will install thunderbird...

4. Using Existing Thunderbird Profile

CAUTION!!! When you run thunderbird for the first time, if it loads all your accounts and mails, then DON'T run this step...

For Thunderbird to use the existing profile...

$ mv ~/.thunderbird ~/thunderbird-profile-backup
$ ln -s ~/.thunderbird-x.y ~/.thunderbird

Another method for installing Thunderbird is to use Ubuntuzilla. Check Install Latest Version of Firefox in Ubuntu...

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